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Industries most accurate and versatile Time & Attendance

Multiple Time & Attendance Recording Solutions provide you with flexibility or absolute accuracy to ensure your team is onsite and on time.

The cleaning industry quotes and tenders for work taking time into consideration in minutes and seconds. However, too many report and pay staff in hours. In an industry where labour represents 80 – 85% of your overheads, it’s time to look at your payroll under the microscope. Save time,¬†collecting timesheets and report in minutes and seconds.




Simple Check-In

Your team can just pull up the Visit assigned to them and click Check-In nice and easily for basic Time Sheet Records

GPS Check-In

GPS Check-In provides quick and easy Time & Attendance Records aimed at One Off Jobs, Adhoc work or New Customers, where teams need to be onsite within hours. GPS Pins ensure they don’t start the clock before arriving onsite, or leave and check out on their way home.

QR Check-In for iOS Users

QR Check-In using our freshOps Tags provides GPS Confirmation as well as improved granularity around where onsite they are Checking In & Out. Provides the industries most accurate Time records. Available for iOS and Android Users

NFC Check-In for Android Users

NFC or Near Field Communications is used for most modern mobile payment gateways, hence provides one of the most accurate & secure methods that can’t be gamed or replicated. With GPS Verification and NFC Combined, we can guarantee the User is exactly where you placed the freshOps Tag. Available on Android Devices Only.

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