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    We’ll tell you when something needs your attention, so you act quick.

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Alerts & Notifications

Keep abreast of all activities happening in the field from your Inbox.

freshOps Alerts and Notifications enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of your field activities at all times. Be notified of all the important things that can affect your business operations and service delivery. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope the cleaning fairies do their job. Know the second they don’t.

Employee safety and security is your biggest responsibility. freshOps helps your Duty of Care to your employees, by notifying you if things aren’t going to plan.

View the Job in Question quickly by clicking View in freshOps or from Mobile Email, quickly Call Employee to check everything is okay and get an instant update.

Get Proactive and not Reactive. You’ll sleep better knowing what is happening across the day.

Late Shift Notifications

Late Shift Notifications keep you ahead of the game by alerting you if your team are running late to a scheduled job. You choose when to receive the Alerts from 5min late to 2hrs, it’s your call.

Over- Run Notifications

Get notified if your team have spent too much time on site. Has something happened on site, are they safe? Have they simply been caught up with some extra cleaning? It may be something you need to Invoice.

Incomplete Task Notifications

Be notified if your team fail to complete any specific tasks onsite. Make sure you keep your promise to your client. “Of course, I’ll make sure that’s done tonight for you”. Get Notified if your team don’t complete that important task.

Daily & Weekly Digests

Daily & Weekly Digests straight to your Inbox with Overview of the Day’s or Week’s activities and performance. Great for Manager’s that just want an overview of what has occurred in the field.

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