Digital Timesheets

Software for better Workforce Management

Digital Record Keeping essential to scale your team Half a decade ago workforce information and details like client profiles, work schedule, job descriptions and other important data for business use were archived through hard copies and a lot of paperwork. … Read More


NEW – freshOps Alerts and Notifications

Late On-Site and Job Over-run Alerts with Daily and Weekly Digests We know how much you like the sound of that! Following our philosophy of keeping things simple, freshOps Notifications keep you on top of any Late Staff situations or … Read More

Office Chairs

Offices don’t clean themselves … or do they??!!

Check out these spooky chairs in Japan. If only ALL offices put the chairs away with a simple clap. Next time you are on site perhaps you should try, perhaps it works! Good work Nissan, can we request an intelligent … Read More


If a picture tells a 1000 words, How many do Cleaning Videos tell?

The rise of Video Platforms alone is a demonstration how much our appetite for getting information via video is growing.  Video is used every where from Online Learning, to Training Courses and now it€™s coming to your cleaning staff’s phones. … Read More


What to put in Cleaning Site Inductions?

Most of the Cleaning Industry Associations now days are putting together their own Cleaning Courses to help you induct your staff like the BSCAA Online Training.  However these are more Employment Inductions and are quite generic. The real issue I … Read More


New freshOps Tags make Time and Attendance easier

This week we took the delivery of our new freshOps tags. Why did we need new tags. Well, we found that the old tags didn’t quite hold up to the demands of office front doors. Regularly being over sprayed with Window Cleaner, … Read More


Cleaning Business Scheduling Software that replaces you in the Field

So many cleaning business owners struggle to scale especially when covering Holiday, Sick Days etc. Why? Because the second you have a couple of staff off, you may have staff to replace them, but we’ve found the business owners can … Read More