Smartphone ownership growth will kill the freshOps Employee Portal?

We’ve noticed less and less users being worried about their staff having smartphones over recent years. Yump, a digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney has summed up the increase in smartphone adoption very well. Since 2013, ownership has increased from 11.1million … Read More

Rostering Software

Importance of Rostering Software

freshOps delivers the best in Operations Management software, especially for mobile workforces. We can help you work with any existing Rostering Software, but many of you might not know that we are the Rostering Software for many of our clients. … Read More

How do you communicate with your cleaning team?

A mate of mine commented on facebook the other day “It’s 11am and I’ve already had 87 emails to action this morning”. I’m sure this is a situation many of us had experienced at work. Many of these email were updates, questions … Read More

Cleaning Business Scheduling Software that replaces you in the Field

So many cleaning business owners struggle to scale especially when covering Holiday, Sick Days etc. Why? Because the second you have a couple of staff off, you may have staff to replace them, but we’ve found the business owners can … Read More