Improve your business with audiobooks

How to improve your business with audiobooks

I was on a online support session with a user the other day. We got talking about some of the struggles she had in her business and I mentioned a book I had read.   I asked her: “Have you read “Start with … Read More

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freshOps becomes a BSCAA Qld Business Partner

freshOps is a BSCAA Qld Business Partner We meet the BSCAA Executive Director Craig Pollard at the Ausclean Exhibition at the Gold Coast last year. Craig raised his concerns and plans on helping Cleaning Companies become more compliant with their Human Resource requirements like … Read More

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Why shouldn’t you get the cream?

Are you controlling your most important cost of sale? Why shouldn’t you get the cream? In the cleaning Industry, our cleaners are not only our biggest asset, but the also represent our biggest cost of sale. Until now, monitoring and controlling this … Read More

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Slack for Cleaning Teams

How do you communicate with your cleaning team?

A mate of mine commented on facebook the other day “It’s 11am and I’ve already had 87 emails to action this morning”. I’m sure this is a situation many of us had experienced at work. Many of these email were updates, questions … Read More

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Clean NZ

Clean NZ, Auckland We’ve recently returned from New Zealand’s Premier Cleaning Exhibition Clean NZ which we thought was an excellent event. It was really great to see New Zealand’s Commercial Contract Cleaning Industry in all it’s glory too. On the Thursday night … Read More

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Automate your Time and Attendance

5 Reasons to Automate your Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance systems have been around for a while. However, many are inaccurate or require user input. There are a number of products masquerading as Time and Attendance systems that service the Cleaning Industry. Some are User Reported. If it’s … Read More

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How time sheet rounding can affect your bottom line

Most cleaning businesses still receive cleaner generated time sheets via email, fax or even hand written forms slipped under the front door.  The new rules of business require businesses to be more competitive on price every day. It’s crazy how an … Read More

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Office Chairs

Offices don’t clean themselves … or do they??!!

Check out these spooky chairs in Japan. If only ALL offices put the chairs away with a simple clap. Next time you are on site perhaps you should try, perhaps it works! Good work Nissan, can we request an intelligent … Read More

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Windows 10 is here

Windows 10 is well and truly here, however, many of our freshOps users are just starting at looking to upgrade. One of our users have recently asked:   Not sure if we have asked this before but I am getting … Read More

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If a picture tells a 1000 words, How many do Cleaning Videos tell?

The rise of Video Platforms alone is a demonstration how much our appetite for getting information via video is growing.  Video is used every where from Online Learning, to Training Courses and now it€™s coming to your cleaning staff’s phones. … Read More

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