Task Scheduling & Verification Use Case

Issue: A User recently reported that their Cleaner was constantly forgetting to change the Urinal Tabs. Which lead to Odour, Uric Acid buildup in the Urinal and Lack of Deodorising Smell in the men’s toilets. Not only that but the … Read More

Time and Attendance Notifications

Get Notified and Stay up to Date You can now setup Time and Attendance Notifications that will alert you of certain operational activities in your Cleaning Business. Rather than getting that call from the client asking why a clean wasn’t … Read More

Get more cleaning contracts, answer the phone

Can simply answering the phone get you more Cleaning Contracts?¬†Most cleaning companies emblazon their phone numbers on their websites. Which is from the Service Business 101 Manual, but you also need to answer the phone to land more cleaning contracts. … Read More

Smartphone ownership growth will kill the freshOps Employee Portal?

We’ve noticed less and less¬†users being worried about their staff having smartphones over recent years. Yump, a digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney has summed up the increase in smartphone adoption very well. Since 2013, ownership has increased from 11.1million … Read More