• Our Biggest Update to Task Management to date. Advanced Task Verification

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Advanced Task Verification

freshOps Advanced Task Verification feature is our biggest upgrade to the task management tools in freshOps to date. Task Verification ensures you can guarantee to your clients that your team completed specific tasks or had been into to certain area of the premises similar to a waypoint.  Manage your team and ensure they complete the scope of work each and every day.  Ensure those critical cleaning tasks are definitely completed and have the proof that they have been complete.

You now have 4 different options to verify that a task has been completed.

  • Listed Tasks
  • Marked Tasks
  • Photo Verified Tasks
  • Tag Verified Tasks or Waypoints

Listed Tasks

Listed Tasks do not require any verification, and are just a Task listed for information purposes and may form part of your basic Scope of Works on site.

Mark Verified Tasks

Mark Verified Tasks require your team to mark the task complete on the freshOps App. Great for those periodical tasks that need simple verification and to help remind the team when they are due.

Photo Verified Tasks

Photo Verified Tasks require your team to take a photo of an area or a particular item after cleaning before being able to mark them complete. Particularly useful for tasks specifically requested by customers or tasks that your client may not believe are being completed.

Tag Verified Tasks

Tag Verified Tasks require your team to scan a freshOps Tag to prove completion. Perfect, when used like waypoints. Track your team when they move throughout larger facilities, or ensure that an infrequently used area is always checked.

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Listed Tasks

Great for adding your Full Scope of Works or Simply adding Information to help your team

Listed Tasks

Requires no verification from your team at all. Use these to enter your full scope of works.

Add Standard Scope Items

Your team can just refer to them, so they constantly have access to everything that is required of them onsite.

Add Tasks that Provide Information Only

Listed Tasks are also great for adding items that aren’t particularly tasks, but information that you can upload a PDF or Link to a Video on. If you have a complicated Security System, just use a listed task and call it Security Procedure, upload the Full Instructions and/or link to a video discussing the security onsite and your away.

Mark Verified Tasks

Let you team mark them off complete, just like a Checklist, just digital and live.

Mark Verified Tasks

Checklists that come alive. Forget Paper Checklists, Provide the Scope of Works to your field digitally, and have them mark them off each time they are completed.

Digital Checklist

No more collecting Checklists from Cleaners Rooms, or off the back of the bathroom door once a month. Know within seconds of your team completing their shift if any tasks were not completed.

Date & Time Records of Task Completion

No more guessing when tasks have been completed, see exactly the date a time a specific task was completed.

Photo Verified Tasks

Support your Team and allow them to support their themselves by uploading photo verification of completed tasks.

Photo Verification of Tasks

Set particular tasks to require Photo verification, and end he says she says arguments.

Provide Proof a Task was complete

Photo Verification will ensure your team can rest in the knowledge that they’ve been able to capture a task as complete between cleaning it and the customer attending site. Great for Public facing sites, where anything can happen between midnight and 9am in the morning.

Monitor the Standard of Task Completion

With photo verification, you can ensure the team complete work to the standard that is required. Have photographic history about the state of a Bathroom, Kitchen or whether the Microwave has in fact been cleaned.

freshOps Tag Verification

Verify that a team member has been in a building, room or location or cleaned/serviced a specific piece of equipment.

freshOps Tag Verified Tasks

Verify a team member has been into a specific location by placing a freshOps Tag in a specific location for them to Scan to verify task completion

Add Tasks that need a Proof of Location

This type of Verification can definitively prove a team member has been into multiple areas across a facility, by placing a freshOps Tag at each location they are required to verify. These could also be called waypoints.

Scanned freshOps Tag prove Location

Need your team to check if a Training Room has been used, verify that they actually checked the area. Or need to know that the Coffee Machine was dismantled and parts cleaned, place a Tag inside the machine for scanning once all parts are removed. All scans provide a Date and Timestamp for reporting purposes.


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