100% Compatible with your Cleaning Business & Lifestyle

We don't need to tell you how wonderful mobile devices are. freshOps is optimized to work on any device so you can work from where you want.

Perfectly Optimised for a Mobile Manager

Optimized for the modern Business Owner, Operations Manager or Supervisor freshOps can be used from anywhere on any device.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your cleaning business.

  • Update Shifts,
  • Re-Allocate Staff,
  • View Time and Attendance
  • see who is Onsite Now
  • and much more

Whether you manage your cleaning business from Home, Office or on Holidays, freshOps allows you to see what’s going on LIVE in your business.


  Built for Cleaners by Cleaners

We understand that cleaners need to brought into the fold more. freshOps arms your cleaners with a tool that they can rely on to deliver all the information they need to complete their work perfectly every time.

Mobile Devices are at the heart of freshOps

freshOps uses Mobile Devices to let you manage your cleaners in the field LIVE. With our Mobile Apps, your cleaners can:

Record their Time & Attendance with 100% Accuracy

Access Security & Site Information Securely onsite

View all their Cleaning Tasks

View Task Instructions

View Task Instruction delivered by Video

And Report any onsite issues


All in the Field, Live from their Mobile Devices.

Time and Attendance at our Heart

The Core Function of freshOps is to record your cleaners attendance onsite and the time they spent cleaning. Other systems rely on GPS which both drains batteries, is highly in accurate in inner city areas, and relies on the cleaner to turn on GPS to get relatively accurate readings.

However, freshOps requires you to place a freshOps (NFC) tag at the front of the premises, to allow cleaners to Tap or Scan into site using their Mobile devices. This provides 100% accuracy to the second of your staff arriving and leaving site.


To allow your cleaners to Check In & Out, they require the freshOps Employee App available to download from both the Play and App Stores.

Be in Control of your Cleaning Business

Be Active, not Re-Active


  • Know when a Cleaner is Late
  • Know when a cleaner fails to attend site
  • Know all the tasks are completed
  • Know that your cleaners have the tools to get the job done write.


freshOps will change the way you manage your staff for the better