• Task Scheduling

    Schedule Tasks for the most complex Scope of Works. Ensure your team never miss a Cleaning Task or Periodical again.

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Task Scheduling

Industry specific Task Scheduling allow you to schedule your tasks exactly as per the Scope of Works. Your Team will never forget a task or Periodical again. Add Client Task Requests to specific visits with ease.


Daily Tasks

Simply Add Daily Tasks to all Visit Schedules

Periodical Tasks

Schedule more Periodical Tasks such Cobwebbing, High Dusting or that Monthly Fridge Clean to Specific Days, Re-Occurrences or Visit Schedules

Task List

Ensure your team know everything that is required of them onsite and more specifically when they are due.

freshOps Tag Verified Tasks

Verify a team member has been into a specific location by placing a freshOps Tag in a specific location for them to Scan to verify task completion

Add Tasks that need a Proof of Location

This type of Verification can definitively prove a team member has been into multiple areas across a facility, by placing a freshOps Tag at each location they are required to verify. These could also be called waypoints.

Scanned freshOps Tag prove Location

Need your team to check if a Training Room has been used, verify that they actually checked the area. Or need to know that the Coffee Machine was dismantled and parts cleaned, place a Tag inside the machine for scanning once all parts are removed. All scans provide a Date and Timestamp for reporting purposes.


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