• Task Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures

    Provide all the information your team need to complete any task as per your Standard Operating Procedure or Instructions.

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Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures

Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures¬†allow you to systemise your business digitally. No more procedure manuals that site in head office or the top shelf of the cleaning cupboard. freshOps allows you to upload specific Instructions or SOP’s to any task, so no matter who is onsite, they know exactly how to complete any tasks assigned to them.


Simple Instructions

Create simple instructions on how to complete a specific task for a particular site.

Standard Operating Procedures

Upload SOP’s for Generic Tasks, so that you start systemising your business and ensure your whole team performs work in the same manor.

Upload Detailed Procedures

Anything you add to a PDF can be displayed to your team. Pictures of Site, Mud Maps, Tables, Charts, anything that can be added to a Word Processing Document and Converted to a PDF can be uploaded and be available to your team when completing tasks.

Video Instructions

Link to You-Tube Videos. Show your team exactly how to clean a microwave. If a picture tells a 1000 words, video will really help your team understand what is required of them.

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