Time and Attendance that provides the Industries most accurate reporting that can't be gamed

View exactly what happened in the Field

freshOps allows you to see all the important stuff;

  • Start Times
  • Tasks Completed
  • Task Not Completed
  • Cleaning Report and Site Requests
  • Exit Times

All this data available at any time, from any where. Don’t cross your fingers and hope your team do as required.


No more FAXED Timesheets

No more EMAILED Timesheets

and Coming Soon Xero & MYOB Integrations which means

No More DATA Entry

How much time could you save processing Payroll?

  Built for Cleaners by Cleaners

We understand the hassles involved in managing cleaners remotely at night, when most managers and business owners are at home.  freshOps connects you and your cleaners at all times.

Supervisors APPROVE Shifts before the Payroll Department process Wages

Supervisors can VIEW and APPROVE shifts. After all, they probably know more about what is happening in the field than the payroll Department

Time & Attendance with 100% Accuracy

Approve Shifts

Update Shift Details

View Tasks Completed

View Task not Completed

And View any Onsite Issues and Requests through the Cleaning Report.


The Core Function of freshOps is to record your cleaners attendance onsite and the time they spent cleaning.

Other systems rely on GPS which both drains batteries, is highly inaccurate in inner city areas and doesn’t provide an clarity in multi tenancy premises, and relies on the cleaner to turn on GPS to get relatively accurate readings.

However, freshOps requires you to place a freshOps (NFC) tag at the front of the premises, to allow cleaners to Tap or Scan into site using their Mobile devices. This provides 100% accuracy to the second of your staff arriving and leaving site.

To allow your cleaners to Check In & Out, they require the freshOps Employee App available to download from both the Play and App Stores.

Seconds turn to Minutes and Hours quickly no matter what size your workforce.